Biomass Boiler Installation

Biomass installations have proved to be a successful renewable energy option for many of our clients. With ten-plus years of experience fitting and maintaining these systems, we can assure all our customers that we provide well informed advice on which system will work best for them.


We have an excellent partnership with Heizomat, our main manufacturer of the biomass boilers we fit. As technology improves we adapt and move forward too.


Powered by Wood chip

Biomass boilers are powered by wood chip. The quality of wood chip is an important part of maintaining an efficient system. Many of our installations have their own ready source of wood chip, and some have innovative processes for processing combustable product that will serve as fuel.

How can we advise you on wood chip?

We have sources UK wide for the reliable supply of wood chip to your premises throughout the year. If you have your own supply, all well and good, our suppliers can be a ready back-up if needed.

We can also advise on drying systems and install systems for you…

Drying barn for wood chip. The large wall to the rear of the wood chip is in fact a duct of warm air, itself powered by a containerised biomass boiler installation.
The floor underneath the wood chip is vented with warm air supplied by a biomass boiler.



One size does not fit all…

At Alt-Energi we have a variety of boiler installations to suit your premises and your heating requirements. The boilers range in output from 20kW to 5MW. We will make the calculations to make sure we fit the optimum capacity boiler for your requirements.

Large-scale Biomass Boilers

Container Biomass Boilers

” We found the Biomass boiler install to be highly successful right from the start. Phil’s team were highly organised, and we were given schedules that were adhered to”

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