Alt-Flow & Energi Pod

– Harness the natural energy you already have on your poultry farm…

With Renewable Energy generated by Ground Source Heat Pumps and/or Solar PV Systems, it is possible to generate up to four times the heat output for every unit of electricity input. The highly efficient Alt-Flow and Energi Pod can help dramatically reduce your energy bills and will enable your poultry farm to benefit from reduced carbon emissions.

This advanced Heat Pump and Solar PV technology has become a highly viable option for large scale commercial applications. Poultry Farms require both heating and cooling. Renewable energy technologies are ideal to meet this need because the low-grade heat generated is more constant and so reduces the complications caused by more volatile heat sources, such as condensation caused by unstable moisture levels. The environment for your flock is better all round, and this leads to increased productivity.

A revolution is taking place in how we source energy, let the Alt-Flow and Energi Pod demonstrate how you can keep pace with these fundamental changes and in doing so, set new standards in welfare, productivity and sustainability.
Through refrigeration and solar technology, the Alt-Flow and Energi Pod will collect, store and distribute heat when and where needed. The heat is distributed to your poultry house via under-floor heating and the Alt-Flow air circulation system.
The Energi-Pod controls and maintains optimum use of the energi generated, and is accredited with Offgem to record and supply data for RHI purposes.

Unlike many other systems, our installations can be retro-fitted, replacing or enhancing existing systems and will help you qualify for RHI benefits.
Cooling technology is just as important as heating in order to maximise productivity by keeping your chickens comfortable. The Alt-Flow and Energi Pod has three main methods for providing energy for cooling;

Passive Cooling
– this is when heat is naturally returned to the ground via the heat pump.
Active Cooling – where the heat pump compressor is reversed and cool water is sent into under floor loop, rather than warm. Cooling the floor also reduces micro bacterial growth within the litter, which in turn improves hygiene.
Ventilation Cooling – Our bespoke ventilation systems can reduce temperatures very effectively.


Broiler heating installation

A Real Case Example

A broiler poultry farm in England

A 40,000 bird house.

• Current fossil fuel bill of £13,000 per annum.

• Solution: Installation of a 348kW Ground Source Heat Pump.

• Solution: Installation of a 100kW Solar Array.

• Total project cost including Ground Source Heat Pump and Solar Array £330,000.



Price paid for fossil fuel per annum


Cost of electricity



Operating hours

1314 h/A

Total net heat produced per annum



Total amount of electricity produced per annum




Renewable Heat Incentive – Tier 1


Fossil Fuel Savings


Saving on electricity purchased


Total RHI revenue and savings


Simple payback

4.2 years