Solar Photovoltaic Installation

Photovoltaic panels, also known as a Solar Array is a proven technology, an excellent solution for poultry farms with many extra benefits.

Easy to install, these systems can generate all the electricity you need and sometimes more, which can be fed back into the National Grid generating an additional income stream.

Our Alt-Solar team identify an optimum area of your estate, where solar power generation is most suited.

The experienced team will support each step required which includes:

  • Initial Meeting
  • Site Survey
  • District Network Operator Application
  • System Proposal/ Quotation and Design
  • Technical Survey
  • Installation
  • System Handover
  • Maintenance

Look at the figures, here in this example of a roof-mounted 50kW PV solar panel system on a free-range poultry house:

Total project cost* £32,500
Estimated Net benefit £207,000
Payback Time 6 years
Figures based on 49,864kWh generation and using 83% on-site

*Subject to site survey

Let the Alt-Energi engineers install your Solar PV system without delay.

There are many options available to utilise the power generated from solar PV. Whether you have broilers, layers or pigs, our experienced team can recommend the right system to fit your needs. We can integrate solar panels with underfloor heating, our Alt-Flow fans, or other retro-fit options. And any excess power generated can be fed back into the Grid – you will benefit financially from the Feed-In Tariff (FIT). At present there are attractive financial benefits from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)  means you can potentially gain an attractive income stream for many years ahead – and payback is only 5 years! What are you waiting for?

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